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Water MDGs

Water resources pose an important hub in the natural resources that are closely related to the environment and development system. And suffer many of the world’s limited water resources. For example, in the Arab countries, shared river and groundwater accounts for about 65% of the available water resources, and the estimated average per capita availability of water at about 900 cubic meters per year, less than the end water poverty line of 1,000 cubic meters / per person per year. The per capita more than 70% of these countries at least 500 cubic meters per year. Surface and ground water quality are also subjected in many countries of the world in many cases as a result of the increasing deterioration of the growing development activities and increased consumption

Delivery of clean drinking water and sanitation services for the disadvantaged, including important issues facing developing countries, and considered. The United Nations has called for within the Millennium Development Goals to reduce deprived proportion of drinking pure water and services sanitation by half by 2015. The number of people without drinking water arrived in the countries of the world to more than one billion people, and the number of persons deprived of sanitation services to about 3 billion people. It is also the most important objectives of the Implementation Plan for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg is to develop integrated water resources management national plans by 2005. Hence the importance of working to develop a common regional vision to cope with the problems facing the water resources and to achieve the desired objectives in this area

The Water Resources main pillar of the elements of the United Nations initiative announced by secretary-general of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 and known as “Al-Wahab,” which includes interest water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity issues

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